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  • 1Power of domain
  • 2Relevancy
  • 3OBL
    (Outbound Back Links)
Results = (Domain power * relevancy) /OBL

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8 Reasons Why Our PBN Is Better

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  • Domains With The Power Search Engines Look For.
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  • We ONLY Use Homepage Links. (IE – we won’t hide your link on internal pages)
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  • Our Ordering Interface Is Intuitive & Easy To Use.
  • We Track And Curate Our Domains For Ongoing Maintenance.
  • The Best Quality Prices For High Quality Links On Relevant Sites.
  • No Permanent Post Fees:Rent & Stay Relevant.

Numbers Speak Louder than Words

  • Over 100 blogs built on premium auction domains
  • Average metrics: DR — 20 RD — 150 DA — 30.
  • 15+ Niches – health, home, tech, art, music, finance
  • Prices – get links for as low as $2/month
  • Flexible rent options – pay 6/12 month rentals.
  • Max OBL per domain – 10 links.

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Get Better Links In 3 – Easy Steps

1. Choose PBN

  • Use search parameters to quickly find niche relevant links
  • Review all our metrics before deciding
  • See the Outbound Backlinks Limit (OBL)

We make finding the right links easy. With our search system you’ll quickly identify niche relevant links, measure their metrics, and be able to make data driven purchases right away.



2. Add link data

  • Pick the URL you want us to promote
  • Include the anchor text
  • Give us the date you want it published
  • Pick your length of rental (6, 12 months)

We made getting the links you want, with the anchor text you need, as easy as possible! Choose a niche relevant site and then input everything right there – it’s that easy!



3. Track how we deliver

  • We immediately assign your content to our writing team
  • It is scheduled and ready to go on your publishing date
  • You can track progress of the entire process with our tracker

Once you identify the links you want and purchase them – we go to work. Our team assigns the content, uploads the link on your scheduled date, and you can track everything as it happens!


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What Makes Our PBN Unique

Our PBN network helps you rank because we carefully research expired domains, purchase sites with relevant high quality links (so we can pass that link juice onto you), and build the site back to resemble what it was prior. This ensures Google sees it as the same site, which lets us deliver the link juice you need to rank.


Let us build PBN for you

Want to get control over your own network? We have 100+ domains ready to go. Choose the domain, provide hosting details – and we will build the blog for free!

See Our Intuitive PBN Designs

Part of what makes our PBNs work is their intuitive, easy to use design. See for yourself

how we go about building in the intuitive interface Google loves in the links below.

Click the images below to see the demo blogs

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide reports?
No-and for a good reason. Reports run a security risk for Private blog networks. By not providing reports, we can protect our network, and you, better.

Are there niches you don’t accept?
Yes! We curated a list of high quality, Google friendly niches. That’s why you won’t find traditional high spam niches like casino, betting, pharma, adult, guns, replicas, cannabis, etc.

What is your content like and how do you use it?
We adapt the content to the website identity, put it into PBN context, so it will look natural, but at the same time align with your website.
For instance, for a fitness-related link on a music PBN we will write on how what music to listen to during workouts and naturally include your link there.
The same fitness link but on tech PBN we will frame as an article about fitness trackers and other gadgets to track your fitness performance.
If it’s politics PBN, we will write about the workout routines of famous politicians.

Are there requirements to use your service?
Yes. First, we don’t allow websites that are listed in the second answer. That also includes websites using SAPE or GSA links. We also review every site we let use our links to check it has clean anchor text and natural link velocity-minus the spikes. This is how we both ensure customer safety and deliver quality results!

What’s the difference between dropped and auction domains?
A dropped domain is one nobody wants.

Here’s how it works:

First, the Domain expires. From here it goes into a grace period. If nothing happens, it then transfers to auction or backorder.

If it’s a desirable site, people bid on it. Great sites are known to go up in cost hundreds to thousands of dollars. If no one wants it, the site is deleted and the domain becomes available for registration again.

With that said…There are thousands of domain-hunters who use software to watch domains expiring every day. That means the competition for good domains is always growing. Don’t assume good domains are going unfound-they aren’t.

99 % of decent domains are being sold on auctions or through backorder services.

And that’s where we get them.

Why rent not buy?
Simple. There’s no such thing as a ‘permanent post’.

Why? Simple. PBN sellers don’t provide reports by claiming to ensure the safety of the network.

This makes sense, but it also doesn’t allow you to track if your links are alive or not. It also keeps you from being able to check if the PBN domain stats are the same as the seller claims.
Here are two common practices permanent post sellers use to cheat buyers.
They drop the PBN website after a few months when all the permanent post spots are sold.
They continue adding new posts on the PBN and roll earlier posts from the homepage to internal pages.

This is why renting PBN links ensures you get what you are paying for!