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Why Backlinks Are A Pain In The Ass

You know ranking on Google’s first page means doing more than getting ‘all green’ on Yoast.


What you need is backlinks – good ones.


The problem is simple. Good backlinks are expensive, take tons of time to get, and worse…. You need dozens to rank. But what if….

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How much do you think these backlinks cost?

• 30 links from world largest websites – NY Times, Guardian, BBC…

• 50 natural contextual links from niche blogs

• Bunch of edu, gov links

• Dozens of organicly acqired links from forums

$20K-$40K minimum, right? If you paid for them out of pocket – yes. We don’t believe in paying out of pocket. Our system is different. Instead of buying backlinks, we buy old domains with existing backlinks. Here’s how it works.


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You can get thousands of backlinks referring to your site right away without having to pay for them. The secret? Follow our example and buy existing domains from auction sites-then build a relevant matching site on the domain.


Not sure this is right for you? Check out this screenshot from WaspKnife. With one purchase they were able to drive massive traffic with the 5,500 backlinks-already in place…and all they paid was $101 for the domain on GoDaddy auction!

How WaspKnife Got Over 500

Unique Backlinks For $101!

Wasp Knife didn’t get lucky. Smart site owners do this everyday. To understand how, check out the screenshot from Namebio below. Their history shows Wasp Knife’s original owner abandoned the site in 2016. On May 3rd, 2018 the domain was sold-along with all the backlinks-for $101!

Not soon after, 28 new affiliate focused articles, relevant to the existing site, were published. Weeks later they were ranking top of page ONE. The result? Thousands in revenue flowed into their business every month.

You can’t purchase most of those backlinks – and with our system…
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Table with data on backlink profile, traffic and earning estimations – lots of data to study.

5000 words long guide

1) What are expired domains, how domain auctions work.

2) How to evaluate the domain link profile.

3) Checklist on how to measure relevancy.

4) How to rebuild new website on auction domain.

5) How to use 301-redirect to skyrocket rankings.

6) Ways to monetize the website.

7) Bonus method. How to build guest post outlet to earn 100-150 $ per guest post with minimal investments.

5 detailed case studies with tips and insights

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